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Lead Marketing and Branding efforts

for a highly visible, early stage, national technology platform, including launch 

and individual branding efforts of 12 state-driven (nationally searched), online commercial information exchange systems. The early venture efforts were purposed under the direction of the National Association of REALTORS' (NAR) and grew from 8,000 to over 250,000 paying members in less than three years.

The company's early and fast success (<3000% growth record) resulted in the close of a successful acquisition.

Cornerstone Coffee


One of the great pleasures of being a "marketeer" is having the privilege of working with the most passionate people—early on in their dreams. More often than not, your efforts are driven by an idea that is hidden under layers of history. Such is the branding story of Conerstone Coffee. A small coffee house who savory blends give homage to a famous vessel of the Puget Sound, the "Kalakala". For over 32 years, this historic iron maiden of the Puget Sound seas shuttled many a voyagers between the ports of Bremerton and Seattle.  

Constructed in 1926, (originally named the "Peralta"), the Kalakala serviced the San Francisco Bay for seven short years before arriving in the Puget Sound. Her signature art deco style coined her as the worlds first "streamlined vessel. Top speed was 20.1 mph, comparable to a Triple Shot Grande Mocha—heavy steam ahead Maties! 

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